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DIY Home Maintenance Video Library

Home maintenance is extremely important, and helps you to avoid costly repairs down the road. Here you will find home maintenance videos to help you complete projects around your home with ease!

GFCI outlets

Code requires GFCI outlets in some areas of your home, especially near any water sources. View this guide video to learn more!

Fall Maintenance Checklist

A fall maintenance checklist for your home

Outside the house:

o Clean and store outdoor furniture

o Apply caulk ( remove old) and weather stripping

o Check and clean out gutters, prune overhanging branches away from structure and roof

o Apply caulk or weather stripping where needed

o Inspect roof and chimney

o Drain outside faucets and hoses

Inside the house:

o Have heating system checked

o Install clean air filter regularly (every 30-45 days)

o Check chimney for obstructions (i.e. bird nests, branches etc.)

o Test fireplace damper

o Service smoke and CO2 alarms