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Why get a home inspection?

Before making a major purchase such as a house, many people select a home inspector to objectively evaluate the home’s condition and avoid surprises. A professional home inspector may spot existing defects and conditions, enabling you to … know your home!

What is a home inspection?

An inspection is a general, visual inspection of the house. Our inspection report covers the major visible and accessible systems of the house: structural, plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, general interior, insulation, ventilation, siding, windows, doors, roofs and attached garages.
When you get an inspection, you are purchasing an educated opinion, not a guarantee.
A report is not a warranty. It does not guarantee that the house is sound or that you will never encounter any problems. We help people understand what they are buying or what they are selling, in the case of a pre-listing inspection.

Some deficiencies can only be found by tearing apart the structure, which inspectors do not do. Inspectors do not move furniture, rugs, personal belongings or other items. Inspectors do not inspect areas which are inaccessible (wall interiors, wet crawl spaces, unsafe roofs, etc.).

“Very friendly and easy to talk to. They spent a lot of time explaining everything in detail, which was greatly appreciated since we are first time home buyers. I felt I could trust them and they had my best interest in mind. They went above and beyond! Thank you.”
– Anthony, Smith River CA

Our Goal

We believe you deserve an honest effort to learn as much as possible about the structure for your intended purchase, selling or maintenance of the home. We approach each inspection as we would for a family member or friend… because you are our valued client.

You are always welcome to be present at the inspection to discuss findings with our inspector and get a fuller understanding of the needs and characteristics of the home. Coming at the end of the inspection is the best use of time as a full inspection can take as long as three to four hours. If you cannot attend at all, we are always available to review the report by phone and address any questions you may have.

Our services include:

Buyers Inspections

Knowledge is power. Let us arm you with the information you need to strike an equitable price on the home you are looking at. With our home inspection report you’ll have objective and thorough information about the home you intend to purchase. Our reports will help in your buying considerations and then with ongoing maintenance of the purchased home. Read the comments from some of our clients and feel free to call us for references from those who have volunteered to recommend us to you, personally.

“This will be the fifth house I have purchase (40 years). This entire inspection process has been the best ever! Very professional, the whole process is user friendly. Loved it.”
– Frank, Eau Claire WI

Sellers Inspections

If you are planning to sell your home- we’ll go over your home and review what we find before you list it or have an offer. This pre-listing consultation is a walk through review of your home before a prospective buyer orders a home inspection. We’ll help you, know your home from home inspection perspective, allowing changes and repairs to be addressed, saving time in your sales transaction.

Wood Destroying Organisms

We are certified OR # AG-L1025143-CPA to inspect for the presence, or evidence of past presence, of all wood destroying organisms. These pests can wreak havoc on the bones of homes, and you want to know if your home has history with them.

Air Quality

Third Party Laboratory analysis available

Foundation Certifications

Third Party Engineer Foundation Certifications available for:
• HUD/FHA compliant permanent foundations
• VA permanent foundations
• Conventional loan permanent foundations
• Modular homes

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