Inspection Services

Whether buying or selling a home, Wild Rivers Inspections can provide the services you need to
Know Your Home

Choosing to have a home inspection will tell you about:

  • something that may eventually cause a major defect, such as a roof-flashing leak.
  • existing defects–whether minor, like a power outlet that doesn’t work or major, like a leaking sewer line.
  • safety hazards, like exposed wiring or not enough smoke detectors.
  • something that may hinder the ability to finance, legally occupy, or obtain homeowner’s insurance.
  • recommended maintenance, life expectancy for various systems and components, and minor imperfections.
Click below to watch the interactive video that shows the areas a home inspector will check.

Presented by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

More about our services.

Home Buyer’s Inspection

Learn all you can about the home you hope to buy.

Home Seller’s Inspection

Do you plan to sell your home? Consider having a seller’s inspection.

Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection (WDO Inspection)

This inspection is focused on verifying the current or past presence of wood destroying organisms and identifying the environments that lure them.

Mold Inspection and Air Sampling

A limited inspection that consists of a visual assessment for moisture problems in areas identified by you. Air samples are then collected and sent to a third-party laboratory for analysis and reporting.

Foundation Certification for Manufactured Homes

The certification is intended to assure that a manufactured home meets specified criteria for structural stability. Talk to your lender to determine if you need this certification.