Manufactured Home Foundation Certification

If you are selling or buying a manufactured home, a foundation certification may be required. For FHA and VA loans, an engineer's foundation certification is required This certification states that the home is placed on a permanent foundation that complies with the "HUD Permament Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes," dated 1996 by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Wild Rivers Inspections has partnered with the engineers at Foundation Certifications to provide our clients with a complete foundation certification service.

You can place your order online by going to
Foundation Certifications

Once completed, the engineer’s foundation certification will verify compliance with the HUD Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes (PFGMH – HUD 7584). Not only is this certification required for FHA- and VA-insured loans, it is becoming a common requirement for conventional loans.

First, talk to your lender to determine if you need this certification. If you do, contact Foundation Certifications, by clicking their logo-link above, or call 817-585-2585 to place your order. Foundation Certifications provides engineering foundation certifications for manufactured home involving:

  • HUD/FHA Compliant Permanent Foundations
  • VA Permanent Foundations
  • Conventional Loan Permanent Foundations
  • California 433a and 433b Permanent Foundations