More Reasons for a Seller’s Inspection

Drawing of a house that is for sale
  1. It’s a goodwill gesture that demonstrates your willingness to go beyond the expected.
  2. Gives you a heads-up about problems that a buyer will likely want repaired—before they hire a home inspector and possibly delay the transaction.
  3. It’s a way to highlight your home’s selling points, like upgrades you recently made.
  4. It can save you money. If issues show up during the buyer’s inspection, the buyer may want a price reduction, a credit, or the problems fixed. These can delay closing or even kill the deal.
  5. Proactively making necessary repairs and upgrades can lead to a faster close.
  6. The chance to fix problems that could be a deal breaker for most buyers. Your real estate agent’s knowledge of the local housing market can help you decide what you should or should not fix.