Do-It-Yourself Video Library

Find a Stud

Let’s be honest—everyone needs to find a stud every once in a while. This video can help.

Are Your GFCIs in All the Right Places

Building codes require GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets in certain areas of your home, especially near any water source. View this video to find out more.

Install a Shower Head

Replacing a shower head can be pretty simple. Watch the video to find out!

Neatly Store Extension Cords

If your extension cords are in a messy pile and are a nightmare to untangle—we have some pro tips for you!

Clean the Dust Bunnies off the Fridge Coils

Dusty refrigerator coils can reduce the efficiency and life span of your fridge. They are easy to clean—see how!

Maintaining the Garage Door

Does your garage door make scary sounds or open slowly or unevenly? Maybe it needs a lube job!

Repair Ugly Nail Pops

Nail pops appear as the house settles, but fixing them is a breeze.

Where Are the Shutoff Valves?

If there is an emergency, do you know how to shut of your home’s water or gas?

Unclog a Slow Drain

Anyone can unclog a slow drain. Watch the video to see how.

Replace a Furnace Filter

Change the furnace filter regularly to help your furnace operate at peak performance and increase its useful life.